What would you do for a Klondike Bar ?  Does viewing a total eclipse of the sun sound something you would do for one !
   Come, join my brother Ray, Carol and I for just this once in a lifetime in Laurens, South Carolina.
   Monday, August 21st, approximately 2:38 PM, we are planning to view this spectacular event right in the middle of totality. Hopefully the weather will cooperate.
   No concrete plans yet, but, we are working with the Palmetto Chapter, to host a casual car meet & greet and with the Lauren’s Chamber of Commerce, to help us with hotel and viewing arrangements, where we can observe the eclipse without traffic or obstructions.
   For further email information, please contact me :    r62gp@aol.com  I will build an email group and keep you posted of hotel arrangements and any details from the Chamber.   A J Koszi


2016 POCI Convention GP Chapter Awards

2016 POCI Convention GP Chapter Awards Continue reading 2016 POCI Convention GP Chapter Awards


Please start taking and sending in photos of your GP’s for the Calendar for next year and photos for the website along with a story about your car and equipment and how or why you own it.  If you don’t have my email address just fill out the comment box on the contact page and I will get back to you.

The GP calendar is our only fund raising item of the Grand Prix Chapter. We can find photos of Grand Prix’s many places but we prefer to use member car photos and wouldn’t you like to see your car on the calendar.  I need high resolution photos of your cars for the Grand Prix Chapter calendar. Continue reading PHOTOS FOR CALENDAR & WEBSITE

2017 POCI Convention Fort Worth, Texas

2017 POCI Convention
Fort Worth, Texas  ~  July 11-15, 2017

Venue: Texas Motor Speedway

Host Hotel: Dallas/Fort Worth Marriott Hotel and Golf Club, 3300 Championship Parkway, Fort Worth, TX 76177   Register


I see a lot of older Pontiacs with later engines that have had problems getting pulleys and brackets figured out. This is some info that can help.

1969 Grand Prix of David Risner of Mansfield, Ohio

Here is a link to a nice article about member David Risner of Mansfield, Ohio 1969 Grand Prix SJ. It’s a beautiful car.  http://www.hotrod.com/cars/featured/hppp-0602-1969-pontiac-grand-prix-sj/

Letter from Pontiac Museum accepting Ron Panzer memorial money

We were able to raise $1225. Continue reading Letter from Pontiac Museum accepting Ron Panzer memorial money

Test Drive Smoke Signals free

We invite you to “test drive” our Parent,  Pontiac Oakland Club International (POCI) club’s award-winning monthly publication, the SMOKE SIGNALS. This is the only “All Pontiac” publication left. They are working hard to make it better.   Click here


Jay Leno in a 69 Grand Prix

One of our members, Mark Henderson, had a great experience escorting Jay Leno around town. Continue reading Jay Leno in a 69 Grand Prix

Pontiac Museum Show & Ron Panzer Memorial Presentation

By Bob Wolf

The September 20-21 Pontiac Show and Tours were a great success. With over 200 beautiful Pontiacs of all models around the Pontiac Ill. courthouse and good weather, it was a show that I was glad I didn’t miss.

I arrived on Thursday afternoon with a load of 1936 Pontiac parts that had been donated to the museum by a gentleman in Overland Park who was moving to California.

I met up with Tim and a few other friends at Alan Finkenbinder’s warehouse where he and Tim store a number of Pontiacs and other assorted cars in their collections. I met two great guys from Memphis, Tennessee, Ted Burgin and Mark Thomas, who had also arrived early to help Tim set up for the weekend. Alan took us in the warehouse and WOW there were rows and rows of dust covered cars, 3 or 4 rows wide and 7 or 8 rows deep. Mostly Pontiac’s but a few other makes also. A Thunderbird, Cadillac, Corvette, even a 70’s Honda a couple of years newer than Brenda’s and others I don’t even remember. There were more 1973 GTO’s than I had ever seen in one place at a time. 4 or 5. Oh yes, and a 20’s or 30’s Franklin Motor car. There were many other restored Pontiac’s and other cars on the other end of the warehouse.


GP Chapter Pit Crew Member passes

A letter from one of Charlie Speaks friends about his passing.    

Continue reading GP Chapter Pit Crew Member passes

Remembering Ron Panzer

Remembering Ron Panzer
by Chuck Cochren

I am dedicating my column for this issue to my best friend of 35 years, Ron Panzer. We visited each others homes many times and traveled the country together in search of great roller coasters, with stops at car museums and hobby shops.

When Jim and Dee Shaudek took the reigns of the Grand Prix Chapter,  they recruited Ron. He started working on a plan to boost membership numbers and at one point got it to over 400 members,
Gail even jumped in and handled the membership program. Ron was responsible for me coming on board to help host the 2004 Freedom Cruise, driving from Pontiac, Illinois to Las Vegas. Ron knew that my favorite Pontiac is the Grand Prix, so it didn’t take much arm twisting. Continue reading Remembering Ron Panzer

All-Pontiac Show, Pontiac, IL 9/21-22, 2013

All-Pontiac Show, Pontiac, IL 9/21-22, 2013

by Scott A. Scheel

With the sun just peeking over the Eastern horizon on a brisk September Saturday morning, I coaxed 455 cubes of Pontiac power to life, engaged drive and pointed my ’74 Grand Prix SJ west toward Illinois.  The late summer sun was still low in the sky and cast a long shadow ahead of the car as I was on my way, looking forward to arriving in Pontiac in time to participate in the Route 66 cruise.  The 220 mile trip was uneventful with the big ‘Prix burbling along smoothly and confidently at about 2,600 rpm, temp reading just shy of 180 and oil pressure at a steady 60 PSI.  I didn’t worry about packing my toolbox as I naively thought I had finally gotten most of the bugs out – this was going to be a fun trip.  I arrived in Pontiac just after 11:00 local time, so I filled the 25 gallon tank & planned  to join the other Pontiacs then lining up for the cruise.  With $80 worth of dead dinosaurs in the tank & my body relieved of used coffee, I thought I was all set.



Congrats to Paul Bergstrom, our Grand Prix Chapter Editor. He has done it again, gotten the Old Cars Weekly  Golden Quill award for 2013.

Golden Quill award 2013


Wild About Cars Online has many 61-72 Pontiac factory service manuals and some parts catalogs online in .pdf available for download. Just have to be a member.  Ron      http://wildaboutcarsonline.com/


 The Grand Prix Chapter Slow Drags where held  Thursday July 19, at the 2012 POCI convention Continue reading HOW SLOW CAN U GO? GP CHAPTER 2012 SLOW DRAGS