Pontiac Museum Show & Ron Panzer Memorial Presentation

By Bob Wolf

The September 20-21 Pontiac Show and Tours were a great success. With over 200 beautiful Pontiacs of all models around the Pontiac Ill. courthouse and good weather, it was a show that I was glad I didn’t miss.

I arrived on Thursday afternoon with a load of 1936 Pontiac parts that had been donated to the museum by a gentleman in Overland Park who was moving to California.

I met up with Tim and a few other friends at Alan Finkenbinder’s warehouse where he and Tim store a number of Pontiacs and other assorted cars in their collections. I met two great guys from Memphis, Tennessee, Ted Burgin and Mark Thomas, who had also arrived early to help Tim set up for the weekend. Alan took us in the warehouse and WOW there were rows and rows of dust covered cars, 3 or 4 rows wide and 7 or 8 rows deep. Mostly Pontiac’s but a few other makes also. A Thunderbird, Cadillac, Corvette, even a 70’s Honda a couple of years newer than Brenda’s and others I don’t even remember. There were more 1973 GTO’s than I had ever seen in one place at a time. 4 or 5. Oh yes, and a 20’s or 30’s Franklin Motor car. There were many other restored Pontiac’s and other cars on the other end of the warehouse.


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